A Few Fun Phoenix Facts

phoenix facts

Many great towns and cities make up Arizona. These places offer everything that a person needs to enjoy midwest living at its best. But, one city stands out above the rest. If you guessed that city to be Phoenix, you’ve guessed correctly. It’s not just the state capital, but a great place to live. Phoenix offers affordable living, great communities, and many other perks for its residents.

Check out the fun Phoenix facts below if you’ll soon be a part of this amazing city. There’s far more to learn about Phoenix, but these interesting facts offer a great place to start.

A Golf Lovers Paradise

phoenix golfMore than 200 golf courses fill Phoenix. Variety is the spice of life and there’s certainly plenty of it on the greens in this city. Whether you’re a beginner still learning their way around the course or an experienced golfer seeking a challenge, Phoenix has the courses that live up to expectations. The city is also home to the Phoenix Open PGA Tour.

Coyotes are Everywhere

Coyotes run freely around Phoenix. Expect to see them as you go about the day or hear them when you lie down in bed for the night. Coyotes may look mean and fierce but the truth is, they’re probably just as scared of you. Acclimate yourself with coyotes since they’re now a big part of the community you live in.

Stay Hungry, My Friend

More than 200 Mexican restaurants share a Phoenix location. It’s easy to enjoy authentic Mexican fare every day of the week and never eat at the same location twice. Tacos, carne asada, burritos, chips and salsa, margaritas and all your other favorites are served in these restaurants, with some offering fast food style fare and other offering casual dining or upscale experiences.

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